1 The Lighthouse group has an appointed Volunteer Co-ordinator that you can talk to about any issues you have.  You also have unrestricted access to the CEO and Trustees of the appropriate project should you feel it necessary.

2 Your time volunteering should be fulfilling and enjoyable.

3 You will be informed who you are responsible to when you join us and when this changes.

4 You will be given a clear understanding of the tasks we require you to perform.

5 You will receive training in the roles that you volunteer for, especially if there are legal implications (H&S, Trading Standards).

6 You will not be put under any moral pressure to do work which is against your principles.

7 You will be adequately protected against any risks involved in doing voluntary work, eg Public Liability Insurance.

8 You will not be exposed to risks to your health and safety and you should not cause others to be exposed.

9 You should not suffer financially by doing voluntary work.

10 Should you at any time feel aggrieved we will do everything within our power to resolve the issues in a mutually beneficial way.

11 If an issue arises where the project needs to discuss your conduct we will do everything within our power to resolve the issues in a mutually beneficial way.

12 You will not generally be used to permanently replace previously paid workers.

13 Any suggestion to improve our operation will be treated with the same level of significance as suggestions made by employees, clients, 3rd party agencies or anyone else.

14 Confidentiality by you and about your personal information must be confined within the project.

15 We are committed to social justice and actively opposed to discrimination in society and especially within the project.

16 We will not offer you a volunteering post unless there is benefit to both you and the project.  If this is not the case we will direct you to other organisations where your skills can be more fully utilised.

17 You can be involved in decision making processes that are relevant to your volunteering role and level, if you wish.

Volunteer Charter